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RONIIIEMy Story: I love outdoor sports, concerts, dining… everything is better outdoors!  Unfortunately, failing to protect myself from the sun in my earlier years has resulted in several occurrences of basal cell carcinoma, some requiring invasive surgical procedures.

My personal experience with skin cancer motivated me to develop SunFlap™, an apparel product that protects people from the sun before they get skin cancer.

Preventing Skin Cancer: The most common form of skin cancer (basal cell) and the second most common form of skin cancer (squamous cell) are caused by excessive and/or continued exposure to the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.  SunFlap™ blocks 98% of UV rays with its 50+ UPF fabric.

Protecting the Family: All of us recognize the need to protect ourselves and our children from harmful UV rays. SunFlap™ ensures that we have both sun protection and peace of mind while wearing our favorite ball caps.

If we can achieve even a 10% reduction in skin cancer diagnoses by wearing SunFlap ™, the result would be 280,000 fewer skin cancers each year in the U.S. alone!  Together, SunFlap™ wearers can reduce the incidence of skin cancers in an entire generation. That is my dream.




Ronnie Dean, Founder

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