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Introducing SunFlap Sun Protection Hat Attachments

We all know the importance of protecting ourselves from harmful UV rays, but let’s face it: applying sunscreen is a hassle. Moreover, applying sunscreen to your neck means trying to work around your natural hairline and risk either missing a spot or getting your hair covered in grease. There’s an easier way! Wear a SunFlap UV protection hat attachment the next time you go hiking, fishing, golfing, baseball… any outdoor activity. Rest assured that your ears, neck, and the back of your head are protected from the scorching summer sun and cancer-causing UV rays.

SunFlap was created after a personal experience with skin cancer prompted the search for a more attractive and convenient sun hat with neck protection. SunFlap UV protection hats feature 50+ UPF fabric which block 98% of UV rays. And when the sun goes down, convert your SunFlap sun hat with neck protection back into your favorite ball cap. Although the goal is sun protection, we have included a number of details that make SunFlap the perfect sun protection hat, including comfortable, form-conforming design and moisture-wicking material. Feeling extra warm? Dip the 50+ UPF fabric in water to increase the cooling effect!

Order our patent-pending sun hat with neck protection today and enjoy the great outdoors safely!

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